A Year of Breathing

Tue, 16th Jun 2009 11:33


A Year of Breathing A Year of Breathing A Year of Breathing
  • A Year of Breathing
  • A Year of Breathing
  • A Year of Breathing

For 'Natural Balance : Art & Ecology' Girona, Catalonia, May 2009.


I was invited to propose a work for this exhibition that would use only local and recyclable materials. However, it struck me that I myself was not a local material, and I'm quite a heavy lump of material to transport all that way. So instead of flying from Scotland to Girona to install an artwork I donated the carbon emissions of my flight to the people of Girona for the purposes of exhalation. According to some online 'carbon calculators' my one way flight to Girona would emit approximately the same amount of CO2 as a year of breathing for the average person.


With the help of students from the Faculty of Architecture and the exhibition organisers, a meditation space was set up for the duration of the exhibition in  the medieaval closter of San Domenec, with sessions run by local yoga and meditation centres. Visitors were invited to participate in 'mindfulness of breathing' meditation, bringing awareness to the breath as it moves out of the body and into the atmosphere.


Thanks to Cris Guell for the photos.

Follow the link below to the project blog site for more info.


Download pdf of Natural Balance exhibition