During a residency at Timespan in Helmsdale between January and March 2015, I developed a body of work that embraced the darkness of the Northern winter. At the time, I wrote:

“Dark matters. Winter at 58º North is a good time and place to think about this, about what darkness might illuminate, what light may conceal.”

“Only about 11% of the atoms in the universe are bundled into luminous stars. The rest is scattered in the dark spaces between them. As gas clouds, planets, interplanetary dust particles, none of which give off light like stars do. Most of the matter in the universe is tucked into these dark spaces between the stars.”

“A hundred billion galaxies, all the hundreds of billions of stars, the billions of moons and planets, are all drifting on a vast sea of dark matter and dark energy.”

Out of this period of work came a video work “Dark Matter”, a pamplet published by Timespan comprising text and image, and a book chapter of the same name.