The Clearing [hardback edition] signed copy


Original clothbound hardback edition, signed by the author. Let me know if you’d like a special dedication and I can write that in for you before I send your copy off.

“The Clearing” is a memoir about ‘spaces between’ and what may be learned in them. As I clear the family home after the death of both my parents, the memories held there prompt reflections on my family’s flawed strategies for coping with my mother’s mental illness, the isolation of my father in caring for her, and how these relationships shifted as my parents aged.

These are threaded through with insights drawn from classical and scientific ways of understanding empty space, like the ‘ether’ and dark matter, and from the calm, contemplative space that art has always offered me.

Published: Little, Brown, March 2020

208 pages

13.8 x 2.2 x 21 cm



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