Last year I received the William Littlejohn Award for Innovation in Water-Based Media from the Royal Scottish Academy. Recently, I’ve been busy making new work that will be exhibited as part of this award at the RSA in Edinburgh in September.

Since the all the new work I am making at the moment is staying in my studio until the big ‘reveal’ in a few months’ time, do join me for a quick tour to see what I’ve been up to.

Spot the camping stove: I’ve been spending even more time than usual in here this week, camping out here to isolate from my COVID infected partner! (By the way, he’s doing fine, just a sniffle and a bit tired.)



I am looking forward to a renewed focus on drawing over the next few months, while the writing side of my work takes a back seat for a bit. It seems to go like that, with one stepping into primary focus while the other is more in the background.

I wrote more about how each practice, drawing and writing, offer a different kind of attentional space and how they seem to be in conversation with each other in another blog post.

But for the moment, I’m happy to get immersed in the spacious calm of drawing.